Company visit from Japanese Companies, Nakayama and Sunwa. We discuss about Japan future energy that they’ve stopped their nuclear power that supply 40% energy need in Japan. They want to go back to use hydro power. After tsunami disaster which cause Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Japanese Government is scared of nuclear power plant and want to reduce nuclear power and use safely power plant, that is hydro power, especially microhydro. Japan has many potential rivers that can be installed microhydro power plant. It’s around 2000 sites. That is the best choice to develop renewable energy.

Why don’t develop solar energy?

Solar energy is more expensive than microhydro energy because price of land in Japan is very expensive. So if they wan’t to develop solar energy, they will make it on the rooftop of building. Because of that area to build solar power plant is limited and power that produced is limited too.