September 2013

The Dewata Tea Estate and Minihydro Project

Beginning in the second half of the 19th century large areas of the mountainous rainforests of West Java were transformed into tea gardens. The volcanic soils, high rainfall and cool climate proved the perfect environment for such plantations. During this period many of the tea factories were powered by Minihydro Power (MHP) plants. The location(…)

Japan Has The Potential to Install 8.98 Million kW-worth of Small Hydropower

After Fukushima disaster, Japan search the right renewable energy to replace nuclear energy. They’ve stopped renewable energy that has supplied 40% energy. Japan has big potential in hydropower because many rivers that can be installed micro hydro power plants. So, they will develop small hydropower as alternative to replace nuclear power. In July 2012 the(…)

Discussion about Japan Future Energy

Discussion about Japan Future Energy

Company visit from Japanese Companies, Nakayama and Sunwa. We discuss about Japan future energy that they’ve stopped their nuclear power that supply 40% energy need in Japan. They want to go back to use hydro power. After tsunami disaster which cause Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Japanese Government is scared of nuclear power plant and want to(…)